ReunionDB is the result of personal experience trying to plan a high school reunion using spreadsheets. It was a huge challenge to stay organized and to keep information current with other committee members, some of whom were scattered around the country. That experience led to a clear and forward-thinking vision of a web-based solution—ReunionDB. It was designed to be simple, reliable, and affordable.

To ensure that our reunion planning tool would be world-class, we built a veteran programming team with a proven track record of success. To help ensure that our customers would have the most successful reunions possible, we teamed up with reunion planners who have organized over 7,500 high school reunions since 1983. Together, we built a product and a process to maximize reunion attendance for our customers.

When you use ReunionDB, you will find intuitive design, expert reunion planning guidance, and exceptional customer service, all of which make ReunionDB a reunion planner’s dream...


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ReunionDB Privacy Policy

The information contained in this database is intended for the sole use of registered ReunionDB customers and ReunionDB support staff only.

ReunionDB reserves the right to use our databases for "opt-in" opportunities only and complies with all current anti-spam legislation.

Any classmate who wishes to be placed on a "Do Not Contact" list can make that request to their reunion planner and the classmate's record can be immediately updated to reflect their request.